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VCI offers the depth and breadth of Building Automation Systems (BAS) knowledge and products to support building automation systems of all sizes and complexity. Our broad offering of products, combined with almost four decades of experience, ensures we have the best solution for your building.


Intelligent building automation systems reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort Siemens offers you building automation systems for all building types, sizes, and for every use. Thanks to open communication standards and interfaces you can integrate a wide choice of different building control disciplines like heating, ventilation, air conditioning applications, lights and blinds, up to safety features, and equipment.

With special features such as centralized, intelligent energy management and highly efficient and innovative energy saving functions, and the effective interaction of all system components and processes you will achieve significant cost and energy savings.

TALON Building Control System –
Making the Most of Your Building Investment

Today’s buildings are becoming increasingly complex. Building automation systems don’t just control the basics. They regulate airflow, monitor energy use and are being called upon to integrate with security, lighting, and other systems throughout buildings to deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Choosing a TALON® system can help you get the most out of your building, today and tomorrow.


TALON Open Communications Provides More Options

TALON is able to seamlessly link BACnet, LonTalk, Modbus and other common open protocol devices into a single, robust control system. TALON does more than simply integrate all your systems; it makes them easy to operate. You’ll control everything through a single workstation featuring elegant but robust user interface. You’ll also be able access your system from anywhere with TALON web technology.

Facility Mobile Applications



VCI CONTROLS Inc. is a certified Honeywell Automation and Controls Specialist

Honeywell WEBs AX offers an affordable integrated open communications building control system.

WEBs AX is a family of state-of-the-art, Web-enabled products that provide amazing flexibility.

Powered by the revolutionary Niagara AX framework, the entire system is Internet-based enabling access with a standard browser.

With WEBs AX you have the versatility of best-of-class products using open communications protocols of LonWorks®, BACnet®, Modbus®, or OPC and integrate them into a single user interface.



Untangle Management Complexity with Internet Access

For building owners and managers who travel or have multiple buildings, LCBS Connect® offers control and monitoring that’s always as close as their keyboards.

They can program, make adjustments, acknowledge alarms, view floor plans, monitor trends and more from anywhere in the world using any computer with Internet access.

For contractors, remote access allows for cost-effective troubleshooting and the opportunity for remote monitoring service contracts.

Facility Mobile Applications



VCI CONTROLS Inc. is a certified systems integrator of Tridium’s Niagara framework which has been widely adopted hroughout the building automation marketplace. Tridium integrates diverse systems snd devices regardless of manufacturer and communications protocol. It provides a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time over the Internet, or an intranet, using a standard web browser.


VCI Envision

The result of over 20 years of experience, research and development.INVISION® provides centralized system access and control and all information, alarm and database management functions.

Full colour animated graphics, individual user preferences for English or French GUI, textual format controls sequences, auto-scheduling, historical and trend data and a full suite of reports, access via the web and a standard browser are just a few of the features that are all standard with ENVISION®.

Utilizing the latest technologies from the networking to wireless sensors, ENVISION® can realize your every requirement now and for the future.

Envision Controller

The VCI Envision Controller (VEC) is a multi-user, multi-tasking controller which provides real time monitoring and control to HVAC and lighting systems for today’s building owners.

This versatile controller uses state-of-the-art Direct Digital Control (DDC) technology to provide cost effective solutions to building automation and energy management.

Fully modular architecture allows on-line expansion at any time. A complete energy management and control system can be built simply by starting with one or more VECs; then as budgets permit, more VECs can be networked together, either using an Ethernet network or a dedicated VCI Local Area Network (LAN), to form a comprehensive system of controllers.

The VCI Envision Controller has been customer proven to interoperate with multiple vendors’ implantations of the ASHRAE BACnet Protocol using RS485 MS/TP, BACnet over Ethernet and BACnet over TCP/IP.

Envision Workstation

TALON is able to seamlessly link BACnet, LonTalk, Modbus and other common open protocol devices into a single, robust The VCI Envision Workstation provides complete facility management of all systems functions right down to the individual control point.

Based upon VCI’s over 20 years of experience and running Windows XP, 7 or 10 it provides a graphical user interface, (point and shoot) for all functions.

The Workstation provides centralized system access and control, information management and data base management functions.



VCI CONTROLS can provide support to all Dimax customers. For information about upgrading you Dimax system, please email